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Disclaimer #1: I’m Not A Doctor

My degree is English. I’m not a doctor. Every ounce of advice or encouragement I give about the gluten-free lifestyle comes from two places:

  • My own experience with Celiac and the complexities and joys of gluten-free dining.
  • An unbelievable amount of research. Much of this research was to help me learn about gluten and my body. Then, as a freelance writer, I started writing content for other companies/blogs about the gluten-free world.

As always, contact your doctor, naturopath, or nutritionist if you want medical advice.

Disclaimer #2: My Experience Is My Experience

Throughout this website, I talk about restaurants that get their gluten-free environment just right. Then sometimes I talk about restaurants that get it all wrong. In both of these situations, I can only base my review off of my experience.

It is entirely possible for you to enter one of my top recommended restaurants and have issues. It is also entirely possible that you have a great experience at a restaurant I didn’t like very much.

If you have Celiac, you can take my recommendations as a guidebook. But I do not live in these Charleston restaurant kitchens. Be aware and ask plenty of questions no matter what restaurant you go to. If you do happen to have a terrible experience (as in you get “glutened”) at a restaurant I have recommended, please reach out to me on my contact page.

Disclaimer #3: Affiliates

It takes time to run websites like Gluten Free Near Me. Time that I’m not working. It also takes money. Money for eating out at all these restaurants (I know, I know… my life is hard, right?!), money for website upkeep, etc.

To help keep Gluten Free Near Me alive and well, I do set up many suggestions as affiliate links. This means I can get a small commission off these suggestions at NO extra cost to you. I only suggest things I genuinely love myself.