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Welcome To Gluten-Free Near Me!

Looking for gluten-free food in Charleston, SC? Me too.

My name is Taylor DuVall, and I’m a traveling foodie. In 2016 alone, I ate in 90 cities in 3 different countries. But here’s what makes my situation unique: I have Celiac disease. This means I’m also a pro at restaurant research. I need tasty local food that also happens to be safely gluten-free (no contamination allowed!)

Yet when I moved to Charleston early 2017 – something happened. The wide range of information on gluten-free food I would normally find while traveling was strangely MIA. Even the usually-helpful gluten-free review apps would have one or two reviews on just a few restaurants – and some would be a year or two old! Many had incorrect information.

gluten-free food in Charleston

At first, I was worried that Charleston was the worst place for a Celiac foodie to end up. Then I noticed the most peculiar thing – there was lots of delicious gluten-free food in Charleston, SC…

But nobody was talking about it. Nobody was posting about it. Not even the restaurants were advertising what they had to offer.

I began to realize it would take my freelance writer super-sleuth investigative skills to figure out:

  • Which restaurants had gluten-free offerings (beyond the worn-out response: “Well, we have salads…”)
  • Which restaurants understood cross contamination and did everything they could to prevent it
  • Which restaurants had both of the above PLUS killer ambiance, interesting menu options, and delicious flavor

So that’s exactly what I have been doing. And I want to share it with all of you Charleston tourists and locals!

Maybe you’re a part of the Celiac tribe (#celiacsunite). Maybe you have a mild to moderate gluten intolerance. Or maybe you just feel better when you aren’t eating too much gluten. If you fall into any of these categories – and you will be in/live in Charleston – I got your back!

Due to Charleston’s close proximity to so many different areas, I will also be including the surrounding cities and islands into this website:

  • North Charleston
  • Mt. Pleasant
  • James Island
  • John’s Island
  • Sullivan’s Island
  • Isle of Palms
  • Etc.

Top Things To Know About Gluten-Free Food In Charleston

Let’s start with the sad truths about gluten-free dining in Charleston, South Carolina:

  • Don’t trust review apps: Find Me Gluten Free, Yelp, etc. are out-of-date and even inaccurate for the area (this gluten-free brunch page shows some examples)
  • Don’t expect advertisement: I’m amazed at how many gluten-free restaurants in Charleston do not mention their ability to accommodate GF on their menus, websites, or social media channels.
  • Don’t expect marked menus: MOST of the Charleston gluten-free friendly restaurants do not mark “GF” on their menus, and MOST don’t have a specific gluten-free menu

But there is still some happy truth. Because there are countless restaurants in Charleston and very little resources guiding you to them – I will be doing all the research you simply do not have time to do.

Whether you are looking for gluten-free restaurants by area (say, Park Circle in North Charleston or Sullivan’s Island) or by cuisine (like pizza, BBQ, or date night) – you can use Gluten-Free Near Me|Charleston to guide you to the ideal spots – without any hassle on your part.